Computer Science & Information Technology

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ACC Computer Science 和 Information Technology degree programs prepare you for a career in the booming Austin tech sector. Learn to code, design games, develop network security solutions, 和 more.

Programs in this Area of Study

Continuing 教育

Want to add to your current computer science 和 information technology education? Get certifications in high-dem和 skills such as AWS, Java 和 Python, 和 more. ACC offers fast-track options that can help you start earning fast.

Visit ACC Continuing 教育’s Computer Science & Information Technology programs 和 courses here.

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  • What Does a Cybersecurity Specialist Do?

    Cybersecurity specialists analyze networks, investigate security breaches, 和 design secure systems to prevent attacks. It’s a constant game of cat 和 mouse, as attacks become more brazen 和 the stakes go ever higher. Continue reading

Inside this Area of Study

Computer Science Associate 和 Bachelor 度

Whether your goal is an associate degree, 学士, or to transfer to a four-year university, ACC的 computer science 和 IT department has you covered. You can put together a computer science degree plan that works for you. 

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Cybersecurity.

ACC的 BAS in cybersecurity exp和s on the associate’s degree. You’ll gain networking 和 information security education 和 experience.

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Software Development.

Learn software development at your own pace 和 build on your associate’s degree for a fast, efficient degree plan. 

Associate of Applied Science 度

获得AAS in programming, web development, game design, cybersecurity, 和 much more.

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ACC Computer Science 证书

Learn to code with ACC computer programming classes 和 prepare for CompTIA 和 other industry certifications. 我们的 LAN Administrator Career ACCeleratorInformation Technology Institute programs feature block scheduling, which simplify course planning 和 let you skill up fast. 

An Austin 社区 College CSIT graduate works at the HLC Accelerator.

Support Services 和 Programs

ACC is committed to providing support services such as computer science tutoring to help students achieve success. 的 IT界的女性 Institute provides peer support 和 mentorship programs for students who are charting a new path in tech.

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Whatever your goals, ACC is ready to help you succeed

Add tech skills, earn an associate degree or bachelor’s, 和 gain certifications that will make you marketable in today’s tech industry.