College Your Way

College Your Way

Flexible Schedules at ACC

Learn your way at Austin Community College. Take classes online, in-person, or a combination of the two. Move through your degree plan efficiently with 8-week and other short semester classes. Put together the schedule that works for you.

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ACC 8-Week Classes & Degrees

8 Week Classes - Learning designed to accelerate your success.

Students taking 8-week classes get focused learning in a format that lets you take fewer classes at once, while staying on track to graduate. If you are looking for a way to complete classes quickly, accelerated classes help you finish in half the time.

  • Open up your semester plan by finishing your important prerequisites early.
  • Take core curriculum courses back-to-back. For example, take History 1301 in the first eight-week session followed by History 1302 in the second eight-week session.
  • New @ ACC Northridge! Earn a transfer-ready Business Administration degree entirely through an accelerated 8-week course plan.

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Take Control of Your ACC Course Schedule

Austin Community College (ACC) classes are available in-person and online, with flexible learning options that help fit student needs and support their success. No matter how you choose to learn, ACC student services like free tutoring and academic advising are available virtually and on every ACC campus.

On-Campus Options

  • In-Person/Face-to-Face – F2F: Instruction is delivered in-person with students in attendance for class meetings. Note: F2F options include lectures, labs, practicums, clinicals, etc.
  • Hybrid Classroom – HYC: Instruction is 50% or more on campus, with the remaining instruction online. An ACC ID card and personal safety measures will be required when on campus.
  • Hyflex – FLX: Instruction is offered on-campus, with students having the flexibility to attend virtually on any given class day.

Online Options

  • Flexible Online Classes (Asynchronous) – ONL: Take your classes anytime, anywhere. Instruction, student support, and testing are fully online without required class times..
  • Scheduled Online Classes (Synchronous) – DLS: Instruction is fully online, with required online meetings during the specified days and times listed.
  • Hybrid Distance – HYD: Instruction is 51% or more online with some on-campus meetings. An ACC ID card will be required when on campus.

Note: The options above may include a DIL abbreviation which refers to "Distance Learning" meaning some part of instruction occurs online.

Get Ahead with ACC Online & University Transfer

Austin Community College is #1 in Texas when it comes to university transfer and return on investment (ROI) for our online degrees. University students: Use ACC Online to earn transferable college credit and finish your degrees on time. 

Find Student Support at ACC

Now that you have a flexible schedule that works for you, let ACC help you succeed. Take advantage of student support like child care on campustutoring and academic coaching, and private study spaces in the ACCelerator to make college work for you.

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